How Do I Grant an Employee Login Access to the Web and Mobile App?

Updated by Chandrika Chandwani

  1. Navigate to the Cards tab > Click on the Manage drop-down menu for the corresponding employee card
  2. Click on Cardholder Info > Enter the employee's email address > Save

The employee will then receive an email invitation to create a password for their login access. This login will be used for accessing the web and mobile app.

After gaining access an employee can:

  • View their specific card information, such as card controls, available spend, and transaction activity
  • Change their password, email address, and mobile phone number associated with their card on their Account Settings page
  • Won't be able to make changes to any card settings, i.e. spending limit, card status, etc.

A business owner or admin can restrict web/mobile app access at any time by deleting the email address from the Employee Card's details.

What Do I Do If Someone I've Sent an Invitation to Hasn't Received it?

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