How Do I Import Multiple Users At Once?

With User Upload you can keep your roster up-to-date by uploading an updated version as often as you need.

  1. Navigate to the Users tab > click Upload User List
  2. Download the template that includes the required fields
  3. Fill out the template with your User details and save as a CSV file
  4. Drag and drop the file in the gray box to upload. Bento will compare the imported CSV file with your existing Bento roster
  5. Click Upload CSV
  6. Check the appropriate boxes to Add New Users and/or Remove Deleted or Missing Users and/or Edit Existing Users
  7. Click Confirm & Save
Required fields for User Template are Email Address, First Name, Last Name, Phone Number, and Date of Birth. Optional fields include user role and department.
Every time a CSV is uploaded, we check users against your existing Users roster to make User management as efficient as possible.
Admin permissions can be set from the Users tab after user creation.

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