Non-QuickBooks Accounting Software Set Up

Updated by Chandrika Chandwani

Brink's Business Expense provides customizable, easy-to-use tools for your accounting needs. 

No matter what accounting software you need, we help simplify and speed up your bookkeeping by providing the ability to tag transactions with Account, Class, and/or Location directly in the Brink's system before exporting reports. Users with Business Owner and Admin profiles can benefit from these tools.

Export and Set Up

  1. Navigate to the Transactions tab > Click on the Accounting tab > Accounting Export
  2. Select one of the existing accounting software options
  3. If you do not see your preferred software then select Other Accounting Software
  4. Follow our on-screen step-by-step wizard to help code your expenses based on your business needs
  5. Using the wizard, you are first prompted to add GL accounts manually or via our bulk import capability using a .csv file
  6. Once added, there will be two columns: Display (user-friendly) and Code (internal coding). You can also swap between tabs to enter Location and Class
  7. Finish the wizard set-up process

Access Custom Reports

After setting up your new accounting tool, you can log in at any time and access custom reports:

  1. Click on Accounting Export > Select your software > Select Start Date for export > Review filters to ensure that this is what you want to sync
  2. Click on Sync to create a custom .csv file to import into your accounting system

Tag Transactions

You can upload a .csv document with field values or enter the Account, Class, and/or Location fields manually through the wizard.

These fields will then appear on the main transactions page so you can easily tag transactions as needed.


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